Adventure just below the surface: 3 West Virginia Caves and Caverns

If you thought West Virginia was awe-inspiring above ground, just wait until you see what lies right below the surface. Explore new depths by adventuring into Almost Heaven’s intricate systems of caves and caverns. These towering formations and rocky underground chambers certainly add to the mysterious allurement of the Mountain State.

Go spelunking to find the place where you belong among the rocky views and historic formations.

1. Lost World Caverns

Find a unique trail beneath the lush forests of Greenbrier Valley.

One hundred and twenty feet below the surface, there’s a whole world ready for you to discover. At Lost World Caverns, you’ll lay eyes on some truly surreal formations. Uncover the marvel of such natural beauty at your own pace through a self-guided tour. This half-mile expanse is truly yours to explore. Only remember that though it may be getting warmer outside, the caves stay a little over fifty degrees at all times. Remember to bring a light jacket for these cool spaces.

2. Seneca Caverns

Enjoy gemstone mining and cave searching at the Pendleton County favorite.

Positioned on an old Indian trading route through the Appalachian Mountains, to explore at Seneca Caverns is to delve into both history and mystery. Dating back to the early 1400s, the Seneca Indians utilized these caves and caverns for everything from protection to special ceremonies.

Enjoy a day of awe and wonder with the beautiful, historical rock formations with a Seneca Cavern tour. Well-lit paths and knowledgeable tour guides allow you to absorb every moment within these cool, dark caverns.

If you’ve still got a spirit of adventure about you, try out the more challenging Stratosphere Cavern Tour. Guided only by your tour guide and flashlights, you’ll trek through these caverns and even climb some, too.

3. Smoke Hole Caverns & Log Cabin Resort

Make a vacation out of your exploration at this unique stay.

If you’re looking for history, wonder and fun all wrapped into one, then Smoke Hole Caverns & Log Cabin Resort is just the place for you. Once used for smoking wild game and making moonshine long ago, these caverns are full of historical significance and beauty. Visitors can observe the impressively beautiful draperies, stalactites and columns while learning about the cavern’s extensive history.

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This post was last updated on February 23, 2022